Monday, September 18, 2006

Pendants (Sold)

White pearl and flower pendant with silver-plated prong bail.
Size of pendant 30 mm high.

Pendants with prong bail

Beautiful pendants with gold-plated prong bail. Size of large pendant approx. 40 mm high.
8 USD. (sold)

Smaller pendants size
approx. 30 mm high.
5 USD.

one small left

Red pillows (Sold)

Blue and yellow flowers on a red pillow. So cute as an bracelett or for wire-working.

Size of pillow approx. 20 x 20 mm.

Set contains 7 pillows, czech facetted glas beads are included.

Turquoise millefiorie pillows (Sold)

Colorful pillows, so beautiful as bracelett or for wire-working.
Size of pillows 20 x 20 mm.

Tile bead-set 15 USD

Tile bead-set with turquoise and yellow flower design. About two holes the beads are perfect for an bracelett. Size of beads 15 mm wide and 18 mm high.

Classic turquoise (Sold)

Turquoise and gold, a classic touch. Handrolled round beads, size approx. 13 mm in diameter.

Turquoise flower bead-set 10 USD

Light turquoise round bead-set. Size of beads is approx. 12mm in diameter.

Square swirled bead-set 10 USD

This bead-set is beautiful for an bracelett. The squared beads are softly domed on both sides.
Size 15 mm wide and 25 mm high.

Charms ea. 1 USD

Cute little fishes works nice as charms.
Silver wired loop for hanging.
Size 40 mm length.

Rainbow bowls 10 USD / 12 USD

Two sets different size of rainbow bowls. All beads are handrolled. Size for smaller beads approx. 15 mm diameter, larger size approx. 20 mm. Allow a little differenz to the size cause they are handrolled.
Close-up at the right shows a clear of design and color.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My little Rosegarden ea. 8 USD

Lovely round pendants with red roses. Size approx. 3 cm in diameter.

(sold out)

Red flowers on teardrop (Sold)

Swirling red flowers on a black teardrop shape focal. Size approx. 3 cm length and 2,5 cm wide.

Teardrop roses ea. Sold out

Red roses on a black teardrop, size approx. 3 length and 2.5 wide.

sold out

Center pieces ea. 5 USD

Beautiful colors making these teardrops as an eyecatcher. Size approx. 3 cm length and 2,5 cm wide. (2 in stock left)

Center pieces ea. 5 USD

This lovely teardrop shape gives an beautiful eye-catcher to an necklace or using as charm for an bracelett.
Size approx. 3 cm length and 2,5 cm wide.

3 in stock left

Sunday, September 10, 2006

New lentils (Sold)

New lentils swirling red and a dark red rose.

Not a finished item!

Soft turquois new bead-set (Sold)

Blue and several red, pink flowers on a soft blue-turquois background gives this bead-set a fresh look.

New Bead-Set 12 USD (Sold out)

Six round beads and one round flatten bead. Honey colored background covered with yellow and pinky flowers.

Not a finished item!

Bracelett (Sold)

Lovely tile beads combinend with milky glas beads built this beautiful millefiorie bracelett. Length 21 cm.

Multicolored flowers on a soft olivine background.

Three colored animal print 25 USD

Gold, beige and little black colored these beads. Six round beads and a bicone shape combined with similar colored round glas beads built this elegant necklace.

Black & Gold 25 USD

Six rounded and a bicone shaped bead built thise elegant necklace. The bicone center has two gold-plated bead caps.
Hämatite beads, szech facettet glass beads and craqueled wax-beads completed the necklace you see on left.

Purple Shadow 39 USD

Purple shadowing lentils combined with glas beads gives a long necklaces about approx. 62 cm length. Magnet clasp closure.

Wired Necklade 35 USD

The beads from the right are wired up to an beautiful necklace on the left. The length is approx. 62 cm.

Blue-purple shadow necklace 33 USD

The length of this necklace is approx. 58 cm and the closure is a magnetic clasp.
Eight lentils and one center piece where combined with szech facetted glass beads.

Faux Jade with roses 28 USD

Faux jade with red roses. Lentils and oval shaped beads where combined with green and red round glass beads. The closure is an antique style toggle clasp. The necklace has a comfortable length.

Aqua necklace 30 USD

From bead-set to finished necklace.

The necklace has a comfortable length and a sterling silver closure.
The lentils where combined with acrylic brioletten and craquelee glass beads.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

To my visitors and friends

Just want to let you know I must delete all items which are no longer available. Don't worry, you can still find an overview on all my creations at my flickr-folder. For the future you will find all creations at flickr and those which are for sale, as long as they are available still at this place.
Hope for your understanding. Thank you!