Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello again.....

We moved in and the time behind was hard and stressfull. I'm still busy with all the changes and decisions I have to do till I'm ready with the final settings. I have to make it carefully as it has to last for a loooong time...... I hope so.

Till yet I didn't find a nice place for my beading and my complete stuff is still stored at the attic. The new rooms are so different from what we had before and I recognize, I have to much stuff. First I have to organize my household and then see where I can find a small space for my beads. It's like a puzzle, haha.
Also me and my husband have definately overworked and go over our strength. Our muscles are so much in pain, I can't tell it. From my left wrist the complete hand is swollen and I have difficulties to hold a pen or something. We surely need a break from the hard work. It's the price you have to pay if you are growing elder and don't notice it, hehe.

Anyway we are lucky to settle down in a nice landscape and the scene I publish here is a few steps far from our new home. In the background you can see the Ruhr-river and my old hometown. Some new friends from Kruemel are playing around in the corner. For him it must be a paradise as he can run free through the green, fields and forest and behind each corner a new adventure is waiting for him. He met sheeps, horses and many, many dogs.

So that are my news for the moment. When I'm ready to rumble with beads again, I will let you know. In the meanwhile have a good time and

Happy Beading