Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just to say Hello.....

With these pretty colors mother natures offers I want to wish you all a wonderful week.

I was able to pick my beads down from the attic and found a nice place for them. As I said, space is getting rare but I'm busy to get my stuff in. Wish me luck that this week I get the chance to look for some low shelfs which will fit to the wall. In the meantime I can play a little bit with my beads.

Beside all the work we enjoy our life at the wonderful scenery around. Life changed so much for us.... we still have the feeling it's holidays and not our real living, haha. Weather is warm and sunny what isn't regular in April for us and so we can stay outside or at the balcony many hours a day. Our new neighbours are so friendly and whenever you met one you'll have a little snatter. Time flies and so often I ask myself where are the days gone.
For all of you in the near and so far..... have all a wonderful sunny and pleasant week!