Monday, December 23, 2013

Looking back


Weitere Weihnachten Bilder gibts hier:

In 2006 I've opened this blog to share my hobby beadmaking. It was a wonderful time, full of learning, living all facettes of creativity and making many, many experiences. I've gotten many nice contacts through my hobby and for some I can say, they got really good friends to me.

Throughout the years so much has changed at my and yours life. I had quit my hobby for some personal reason and my focus got on other creative things. But my friends are still in my life. Over the years we have shared our personal and private issues in a way, I can say at some points I feel like a member of their family, like a part of their lifes. Even we didn't met us personal, this is the most precious experience I ever had done and I feel so much blessed.

At this special time I want to say THANK YOU to a very special friend far over the ocean. I know she's very shy and won't like it if I name her, but I'm sure she knows whom I mean. Thank you for sharing your life with me, for your trust in our special bond. Thank you for thinking at me and let me know you are.

A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

And this little guy want to say THANK YOU too to his lovely friend from far over the ocean. He looks so adorable and cute! He was so so excited and it was hard to calm him down taking a nice shot. Sorry for the blurry photo.