Monday, July 31, 2006

Going on holiday

I'm on vacation from 8.8 to 8.23. In this time no inquiries or order worked on. Last shipment on Saturday 8.5.

I wish all my visitors a beautiful time and hope I can please you with new inspirations after my return.

Bead-sets for braceletts / 15 USD ea.

A garden of flowers. Each set with 12 beads, enough for a bracelett as you can see on the left. This finished bracelett is an example.

My special summer-offer for those who love to create their own jewels.

Sold out!

Sunshine / 28 USD

Sunny colors combined with gold swirled tube-cut beads and small round gold glass beads.
Gold plated toggle clasp. The backside from the pendant is white.

Multicolor Necklace / 26 USD

Multicolor flatten oval beads combined with small silverlined red glass beads builts a necklace which is wearable to nearly each style. Sterling silver closing.

Monday, July 10, 2006

What a surprise....

This is a very generous gift from my friend Belinda she sent to me. What she didn't know I've had birthday as it recieved me and it was a great surprise.
You can't imagine what I felt to hold this stunning work in my hands and to wear it around my neck. I'm so proud to have such an unique jewel.
Thank you once again Belinda. I love it so much and admire whenever I wear it.

Stone bead / 6 $ US

This is a big stone bead ala JRB. There is a hole going through so one could strung or do some intricate wire-work.
Size of the stone is 3,5 cm length and 3 cm wide.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pendant with alternate bead / 11 $ US

Romantic flower pendant with alternate bead. Second bead with blut flowers only.

Pendant for emporer jade / 8 $ US

This pendant is compatibel to bead-set # 13.

Faux emporer jade on light gold background. Jade and background are textured.

Bead-Set # 13 / no longer available

Emporer faux jade with light yellow-gold shadows. Strung is combined with gold facetted glass beads.

Bead-Set # 11 / 21 $ US

Faux jade version with mokume gane touch.