Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We have to move

The last weeks are troublesome for me and my family. We have to move our home after beeing here for nearly 20 years living and living my complete life in this part of my hometown. We live in an very old house and made alot of comprises to things which are going worse and the house-lord don't brings to an acceptable point. We loved to live here and so we ever try to find a good solution for us.
Just before Christmas we got to know that we will lost our beautiful garden around our house which gives us a nice view from all our windows. We plant trees and flowers, each summer over the last 20 years we where busy there. And now the new house-lord will build up several garages at this wonderful place. The view from our windows will be walls :-(( Counting all bad things we have to deal here, this is now to much and we thought it would be better to move for our comfort.
Easy to say but not to do.
Since now we're searching for a new home what has the most of all criterials we need. Enough rooms, nice view and safe area around, raisonable price.... and... and... Nothing luxerious but cozy to feel good inside.
Most we found lays in an area a woman won't like to go out without a bodygard, the price was to high, to small, no dogs allowed and... and.... We got tired about many inspections without a success and felt sad and hopeless to find something pleasant.
Last week I spread my search to the neighbour cities around and we found an appartment what looks nice, have enough rooms, a raisonable price and offers many things to feel cozy. Today we will make the contract there and wish me all luck that all turns well.
It is hard to move from the place where you live all your life but we will take it at the third part of our life and hope it will be our best. The new place is 20 kilometers far from here and a more rural area so we got to live with much nature around. Great view over fields and woods from our balcony, nice to walk with our little puppy and a paradise for him.
Next weeks will be filled with buying new furnitures as we have to make some changes for the new home and packing all the inventory. As my husband had an accident and a broken sinew in his hand the most work is to be done from me with his one-hand-assistance.
We have to move first or second week in March so the distance is short and a lot of work to be done till then. I will keep in touch with you whenever I find time. Whenever I'm quiet now you know why.
Till then all the best to you and stayed well
Yours Karin

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Hello everybody....
hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and are now forwarding what the new year will bring goods to us even it looks like we will have not such a smooth journey. We all should try to keep staying positive. With a smile most turns easier is what I say and so I will kepp smiling.

This is what I got to see this early morning. Lots of snow. It starts snowing yesterday and still do..... so I'm curious what we will get more over the day. This area isn't familar with so much snow, that's something for the alps. I'm sure our traffic turn chaotic and many will rest their car at home. As much as it looks lovely, peaceful and calm, for those who has to go to work it is not nice.

About the weather I will hold on posting new beads as I won't be able to guaranty for the shipment. Meanwhile I will throw some nice snow-balls over to you ;-))
Will catch you soon when the weather is clear!