Saturday, April 17, 2010


The base of this bracelet cuff is made with 11/0 Toho hex. in peyote stitch adorned with tiny 15/0 Miyuki seeds and Swarovski bicones in different greens and indian red. Wearing it it gives one the imagination of a silk ribbon around the wrist. If sun catches the arm there is a fire-work on shiny dark brass, gold and crystals and it looks like as it was made for a Queen. Therefore and for its arabian look I named it Malika which is synonym for Queen. Inspired by "trytobe".


With a kind of peyote stitch each single component is worked out and attached to the next. Pearl imitates surrounded by 15/0 Miyuki seeds in gold, 11/0 Toho seeds in green and DB beads in porcelaine. Pattern by "trytobe".


Peyote Bracelet Cuff in metallic black-brown and opal sea-green.

Design by Sandfibers.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Surprise for Kruemel

Today our rascal Kruemel received a gift from his beautiful friend Tania from Singapore. He is so so excited about his new toy. A tiger he stilled missed and we notice that he pick it up at the first loved toy.

Thank you Tania for your sweet card and photo too which I (hmpf better mommy) attached to the gallery of family photos.
You and your mummy should know this is a very happy day for us!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hollow Beaded Bead

After a sad occurrence I come back to beading with this little project for a reason. This hollow beaded bead pendant is my gift for a 50. birthday of a lovely person. I'm sure she like the color choice, hope she like my work too.

Made after the book "Perlenküche" from Sabine Lippert.