Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas surprise

I was surprised by Dawne from earring addict. Thank you Dawne, they are great and I weared them at our Christmas party fishing many compliments ;-))

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

It is the time of the year we're all very busy, rushing here and there and be stressed to prepare everything for Christmas.
But it is also the time to look back to the passed year. Many sad things came across and we've had to deal with, but also many happy moments we've spent and those we all should keep in mind.

It's up to me to say THANK YOU to all my loyal friends who visited me so often the year. For the friendly words we've changed and your ever lovely compliments at my bead making.

I wish you all a very blessing and merry Christmas. Joyful days with your family and friends.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Mail Problem

Hi All,

seems there are problems with the yahoo server. At the moment I wont be able to open my mailbox. Just to let you know that I can't read or reply your mails.
Will catch soon when the problem is fixed.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Dear friends and visitors,

it's time to tell good news and so I want to let you all know that I will upload on Friday night (german time) new beads. There will be come more then 60 photos and I hope for your patience that I can't response to your mails during the upload. It would be very kind if you could send me your order in one mail and as usual I work the mails out in the order of their income.

Most of you know about my loss of Kimba and therefore I was very sad. The loss and a bad flu took me so much behind. So for this time I worked a big bunch of beads out and hope that I get the taste of most of you.

The last upload this year will be in early December. Not so much beads as this time, but you all know I'll give my best to make you all happy ;-)) At the moment I don't know the exact date, but I will give a note to you in front at my blog.

Hope to see you tomorrow
and thank you for your interest in advance!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


for not responding so many mails. Times are hard at the moment and all comes at once, so I've got a sinusitis and feaver and have to stay in bed. I'll come back as soon as possible and reply to you all.
Yours Karin

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Our baby is gone. We'll never forget and can't stop crying.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Creamy and bronzite swarovski pearls, a few vintage style lentils made by me, made this necklace in lariat style. I embellish the toggle closure with a lampwork bead, baroque glas beads and some pretty glas flowers.

I'm not a jewellry maker in first and now I know, all what looks so easy is hard work on choosing the right components and good craftmenship. Sometimes it is not so bad to wear some one else shoes to get the right view. Big compliments to all jewellry maker at this point :-))

Romance necklace

Wired necklace with some of my clay beads with pewter bead caps, swarovski pearls, glas flowers and very interesting glas table beads.
For the romantic side of life ;-))

Romance bracelett

Wired bracelett using swarovski pearls, glas beads and one lentil made by me. The color I use and the little glas flowers gave it a very romantically touch.


This necklace match perfect to the following bracelett and build a good team.
Wired vintage style clay beads with gold pewter caps harmonisized with swarovski bicones, maroon pearls and smooth flat oval shaped yellow turquoise. Metal components not tarnishing and nickl free.

Katharina bracelett

Vintage style clay beads with pewter caps, swarovski bicones and pearls and pretty chryscol round gems build this antique styled bracelett.

Vintage style necklace

Some vintage style lentils made by me combined with round mokaite beads, swarovski pearls and crystals make a perfect necklace to embellish a boring sweater. The colors are seasonal.


For this bracelett I use a pipe shaped pietersite focal, mokaite round beads and baroque czech beads. Two of my vintage style lentils complete the wrist charm.

Loooong necklace

White and black designed clay tube beads and some white & black lentils where combined with different shaped black glas beads. A single unusual shaped red glas bead are not to get bored only looking black and white ;-))
The necklace is indeed very long and can be wounded two times around the neck.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

September Beads

Hi All,

I have uploaded the new beads for September at KCD-Bead-Box!

This time I have tried a more vintage style and I love the result very much.
I added also a few seasonal nature sets too, not in dark colors. My colors fetch the late flowers like Chrysanthemum and the cool breeze in the morning when we're waiting for the sun coming through the clouds.
Enjoy looking around as I did making them all.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brocade beads

My friend Belinda encouraged me to work on a vintage style and I enjoyed this theme so much that I thought, I should stay a little bit longer on it.
This classic brocade pillow inspired me to work on these mix of lentils and round beads.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Share my happyness

4 hard years are coming to the end. My daughter has finished her studies and graduated this week with best marks. The family is sooo proud and lucky we can't spread the words.

When I say hard years, then it is exact what the word "hard" means. She was busy all over the time, managed her financies alone and worked beside her studies. Managed her own life with all the attitudes and there are lots in the past.

My lil baby is grown up to a wonderful young lady and make her mom and daddy so lucky.

The phrase on her essay which I translated for better understanding, is her "Thank you" to us.
We wish her success on all her ways and have to let her know that we never lost our trust in her. We are blessed to have a daughter like her.
Good luck my baby!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Young fashion

These dotted floral beads are made by playing around with some rest of my canes. A young lady decided me to create a simple necklace with these unusual beads and here we go. Simple and very young!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Indian Summer bracelett

I used the canes from Ulla's necklace for this stretch magic bracelett. It is for my daughter ;-))

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Birthday gift

Ulla Mom of my daughters boyfriend has birthday. I've made this necklace for her. She loves nature color combinations and I hope she will love "Indian summer" too.
Happy Birthday Ulla!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


This blog will be closed for bead purchasing. Please check my new blog KCD-Bead-Box. There you will find more useful informations and beads, of course :-))

KCD-Bead-Box has new beads uploaded! If you desire take a look.
You'll find KCD-Bead-Box at the sidebar. Thanks for your visit!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


KCD-Jewelry-Box wurden neue Ketten hinzugefügt.

KCD-Jewelry-Box has added new necklaces.

Friday, July 06, 2007


Dear friends and visitors,

this time I'm quiet late with new beads. I have to set some private priorities and hopefully new creations will come soon.
Please check back I will keep you informed!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

MY "Beaders Ethics"

Actually I did not want to deliver a statement to this discussion and what some one understand for Beaders Ethics. Unfortunately some incommodities happened, which I cannot ignore.

My understanding for “Beaders Ethics” is that I ask the Pioneer of a Technique or a Design for permission to use or I pay for the lesson on “How to do”. And I give credit to the Originator!

I’m not the pioneer of “swirled lentils” and all bead shapes derived from lentils such as hearts, square shapes or tube alike. These bead shapes are to be seen partly on the web page of Barbara Fajardo and for the hearts Elissa Powell is the pioneer.

Thus I cannot give permission for copying these bead shapes, and no one else can. It is affair of these artists.

I respect the business and creativity of each one. I do not raise a requirement for pioneer on a bead shape / design / technique, which were already published by other artists!

I never contact customers of my friends or own customers and offer there my beads or finished jewels for purchase!

I don’t have understanding for alleged artists who express their creativity excluding by the fact that they steal others ideas and spend them as their own.

It is not sufficient to publish the article about Beaders ethics in large letters on the web page. One should also adhere to it!

This is MY guarantee I can give my friends and customers and all the real pioneers on beads in my case. And for the rest….. I again ignore and still do what I love and in the way I love to do!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Blog created / Neuer Blog

I started a new blog for my finished jewelry. Go to the sidebar and click on KCD-Jewelry-Box and you switch to my new blog. Enjoy!

Ich habe einen neuen Blog erstellt für meine fertigen Schmuckstücke. Klicken Sie in der Linkliste auf KCD-Jewelry-Box und sie werden direkt zu meinem neuen Blog geleitet. Viel Spaß!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Availability List

Bead sets are all sold out!

Thank you all my friends and customer. Hope you enjoy the beads soon.

Thank you.....

for so much interest at my beads. My mail box flooded, so please give me some time. I'll going to answer you as fast as I can.

020607 18 USD

Night blue and soft lavender flowers. 6 lentils in a strand, size approx. 15 mm in dia.

030607 18 USD

Night blue and lavender-pink flowers. 6 lentils in a strand, size approx. 15 mm in dia.

040607 18 USD

Night blue and pink-lavender flowers. 6 lentils in a strand, size approx. 15 mm in dia.

050607 18 USD

Night blue and pink-lavender flowers. 6 lentils in a strand, size approx. 15 mm in dia.

060607 10 USD

4 pretty domed coin-shaped beads. Soft peach basic and different red flowers. Size approx. 15 mm in dia. One set only! No repeat!

090607 9 USD

6 pretty small round beads, size approx. 11 mm in dia. Soft peach basic and peach-yellow roses.

140607 15 USD

Soft peach and metallic gold made them very elegant. 5 Lentils in a strand, size approx. 18 mm in dia.

150607 16 USD

Soft peach basic and different peach-red shaded flowers. Metallic gold caps.
I'm really sorry, this time the light yellowed all my photos and the camera didn't get the colors pretty well. They look so much better in nature and the photo didn't do them justice.

4 tubes in a strand, size approx. 25 mm length and 10 mm in dia.

160607 16 USD

Peach and gold based tube beads with peach-red flowers.
4 tubes in a strand, size approx. 25 mm length and 10 mm in dia.

170607 16 USD

Peach based tube beads with different peach-red shaded flowers. Metallic gold caps.
4 tubes in a strand, size approx. 25 mm length and 10 mm in dia.

180607 16 USD

Peach based tube beads with different peach shaded flowers. 4 tubes in a strand, size approx. 25 mm length and 10 mm in dia.

190607 16 USD

Peach based tube beads with peach/yellow and orange/red flowers, metallic gold caps.
4 tubes in a strand, size approx. 25 mm length and 10 mm in dia.

210607 16,25 USD

Powdered lavender lentils with gold foil and lavender-pink flowers. 5 Lentils comes in a strand, size approx. 18 mm in dia.

220607 19,50 USD

Powdered lavender with gold foil and lavender-pink flowers. 6 lentils in a strand, size approx. 18 mm in dia.

240607 9 USD

Pretty small round beads, size approx. 11 mm in dia. Powdered lavender basic with lavender-purple flowers.

270607 24 USD

Soft lavender tube beads. I'm sorry for the bad photo which is yellowing a little bit the real color.
Size approx. 20 mm length and 10 mm in dia.

280607 24 USD

Powdered lavender tube beads. I'm sorry for the bad photo which doesn't do the color justice.
6 tubes comes in a strand.
Size approx. 20 mm in length and 10 mm in dia.

330607 9 USD

Pretty small round beads, white base and pink roses. Size approx. 11 mm in dia. 6 Beads in a strand. One set available.

340607 9 USD

6 pretty small round beads. White base and pink roses. Size approx. 11 mm in dia. One strand available!

370607 16 USD

Elegant soft turquoise tube beads with lavender flowers.
Bead size approx. 20 mm length and 10 mm in dia. 4 tubes in a strand.