Monday, July 10, 2006

What a surprise....

This is a very generous gift from my friend Belinda she sent to me. What she didn't know I've had birthday as it recieved me and it was a great surprise.
You can't imagine what I felt to hold this stunning work in my hands and to wear it around my neck. I'm so proud to have such an unique jewel.
Thank you once again Belinda. I love it so much and admire whenever I wear it.


Ms.Peabody said...

Your bead work is just amazingly beautiful.I'm sure you will have great success.Ms.Peabody

Kamoe-Clay said...

Dear Peabody,

I will take this great compliment coming from you to my dear friend Belinda. This necklace is a gift from her and I totally agree, her beadwork is beautiful. Karin