Wednesday, June 20, 2007

MY "Beaders Ethics"

Actually I did not want to deliver a statement to this discussion and what some one understand for Beaders Ethics. Unfortunately some incommodities happened, which I cannot ignore.

My understanding for “Beaders Ethics” is that I ask the Pioneer of a Technique or a Design for permission to use or I pay for the lesson on “How to do”. And I give credit to the Originator!

I’m not the pioneer of “swirled lentils” and all bead shapes derived from lentils such as hearts, square shapes or tube alike. These bead shapes are to be seen partly on the web page of Barbara Fajardo and for the hearts Elissa Powell is the pioneer.

Thus I cannot give permission for copying these bead shapes, and no one else can. It is affair of these artists.

I respect the business and creativity of each one. I do not raise a requirement for pioneer on a bead shape / design / technique, which were already published by other artists!

I never contact customers of my friends or own customers and offer there my beads or finished jewels for purchase!

I don’t have understanding for alleged artists who express their creativity excluding by the fact that they steal others ideas and spend them as their own.

It is not sufficient to publish the article about Beaders ethics in large letters on the web page. One should also adhere to it!

This is MY guarantee I can give my friends and customers and all the real pioneers on beads in my case. And for the rest….. I again ignore and still do what I love and in the way I love to do!


BelleeBeadz Creations said...


Those who have purchased your beads and then purchased from "copycats" will immediately notice the quality difference. I have seen many, many 'copycats' not only where claybeads are concerned but jewellery designs too. I totally understand how you feel about this but my advice to you is not to come down to the low level of these copy cats who have no originality, no imagination and no pride for their craft. Carry on with your good work and your good ethics. The 'copies' won't survive the distance but your work will =D

Simone said...

Oh Karin, I can only imagine what you must be feeling. {{hugs}}I don't know what happened, but it sounds like there has been a storm of sorts on the internet.

Anyeway, I have 100% faith in your credibility, creativity, sincerity and superb quality. I've also always known you to be a fair, ethical artist.... and these are qualities which last forever.

If a crafter or artist bases his/her work on something which is purposely copied from another, that sort of thing cannot last because they are stopping themselves from growing as artists. They cannot improve and sooner or later, sadly for them, failure comes.

Art is from the heart, and you have a beautiful big one.

Take care!

Anonymous said...


Just want to say that we love your work & we love you!

Yvonne (Vonny's Trinket Box)

Sandi said...

Oh honey, it's not happening to you, too, is it? Hugs and love to you, you will always be an "original" to me.


Magnólia e os trapos said...

Hi dear!
These situations are always discomforted, but you must ignore it, we cannot prevent them but we can go on.
To me, you are "the one", my master, your work made me evolve, finding later my only way. I hope that you are not sad with me...
Good luck and good works.