Sunday, January 04, 2009


Hello everybody....
hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and are now forwarding what the new year will bring goods to us even it looks like we will have not such a smooth journey. We all should try to keep staying positive. With a smile most turns easier is what I say and so I will kepp smiling.

This is what I got to see this early morning. Lots of snow. It starts snowing yesterday and still do..... so I'm curious what we will get more over the day. This area isn't familar with so much snow, that's something for the alps. I'm sure our traffic turn chaotic and many will rest their car at home. As much as it looks lovely, peaceful and calm, for those who has to go to work it is not nice.

About the weather I will hold on posting new beads as I won't be able to guaranty for the shipment. Meanwhile I will throw some nice snow-balls over to you ;-))
Will catch you soon when the weather is clear!

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