Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yesterday I received a surprise from my dear friend Belinda from Singapore. I knowed it is for my birthday so I wasn't allowed to open it immediately. Hard job to stay patient till today :-))

Today my birthday I could open my surprise and honestly, it hits me from my chair. But look yourself, aren't these earrings beautiful?
I can tell you so much, better you take a look at her website (click the button at the side-bar from Bellebeadz) for all the Beauties Belinda made. You'll better understand from what I'm speaking holding one of her pieces in your own hands.

Belinda knows that I love Chalcedone and these drops are fantastic and the color is so unusually that I truly got something very, very special. I've tried to catch the wonderful color at my photos and do the great work of Belinda justice. I've tried different backgrounds, different lights from the early morning.... that's the best I could do and I have to recognize photographing will stay a secret for me.

A big THANK YOU Belinda for the wonderful surprise!


Belinda Lee said...

You're most welcome my dear friend. I know the colour will suit your complexion very well ;p

Trishas Trove said...

Hi Karin .... I can just imagine your excitement upon receiving your gift; the ear-rings are absolutely gorgeous, and you certainly have a wonderful friend in Belinda :)))
Enjoy wearing them !