Wednesday, July 07, 2010

More surprises

Through the internet I made friendship with nice Lady few years ago. Even we didn't met us in person I've learned to know her a bit more and better now. What I've figured out is that she is a wonderful person and her first priority is that all her surrounding beloved ones feel comfortably best. So she is a wonderful wife to her husband, a great mother to her children, a good daughter to the seniors and not to forget a great caring pet-mummy. I know the last weeks... months... she was so much busy that she rarely found time for herself. But beside all the duties she found time to enjoy me over the long distance with a surprisingly b-day gift. Each single packet is a thought of her how to made me happy and that made me feel so special.
So we can complete the list above... she is a wonderful friend too! Thank you once again for all the beautiful beads and stuff! I'm blessed with friends like you Patricia!

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Trishas Trove said...

You are most welcome Karin :)
With everything that's going on now, am so sorry your gift was late, but am so thrilled that you enjoyed opening each little 'surprise' packet. Hope you have fun making some pretty things with them.
Likewise for me Karin, I am so happy to have met a wonderful friend in you too !