Friday, August 13, 2010


It was the 3. birthday of our little darling Krümel. And what is best as to celebrate it with his best buddy Luna in the garden. We parents and mom of Luna enjoyed so much watching our furbabies acting. Weather was fine and so they had much fun.


Trishas Trove said...

Hello Kruemel darling ... Happy, Happy Birthday :)))

I just cannot believe you are 3 years old already !

You look so happy celebrating your special day with your friend Luna & very handsome too ... are you wearing a nice new beaded birthday neck-tie ? ... did your Mommy make that for you ?

Tania sends loads of hugs and xoxoxo for your special day too !!

Love, love from Tania & all of us here :)

Kamoe-Clay said...

Thank you Patricia and Tania from Kruemel and Mommy ;-))
Yes indeed, time flies and we can't believe ourselve he's really 3 years old now. For him it was the best celebrate to go to his friend and playing around in the garden. During the breaks some doggy-sweets as you can see him standing at the table. They both are so sweet together.
Love Karin