Tuesday, November 16, 2010


May I introduce, this is Marcy now 5 month old. She was adopted 4 weeks ago by our neighbours. After two weeks staying at the new home her mommy passed away. She was ill for a long time but like her housband no one has had an idea that her days where counted.
After the shock our neighbour felt much more sad as he has to start his job again and didn't know what about Marcy. The time of his abscence for work is too much to long for the little puppy to stay home alone.
So we give Marcy a home for several hours a day that she can stay with her new daddy. She do a great job keeping him strong and fill the home with love and warmth not to feel so much the lonelyness.
Marcy is such a sweet baby and learning quick. Kruemel shows her what's right or wrong and she always keep an eye on her "big brother" what he say ;-))

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Trishas Trove said...

Hi Karin,

I am so sorry to hear the sad news of Marcy's Mom passing away; baby-sitting her at a time like this must surely give her Dad peace of mind when he's at work, or the needed quiet time to grieve. At worst, he may have had to give her away, so you are doing a wonderful thing helping out :)
What would the world be without good neighbours and friends ??
So proud of Kruemel ..... looks like he's doing a great job playing big brother :)))