Wednesday, August 24, 2011


After a very loooong Odyssey I received loads of goodies from my friend Patricia. She sent it out after I returned from my vacancy as birthday gift. Normally I will receive from overseas in between 3 weeks but not as such long time. Anyway I'm happy it's not got lost on the way and very, very thankful that I have so wonderful friends who think about me for my birthday.
Thank you Pat for so much beautiful beads and findings to keep my creativity going. I love it all!


Trishastrove said...

You are most welcome Karin :) I am so happy that you like the little pretties inside; was so fun collecting and putting them together for you. Wow, sounds like my package had a few weeks of sight-seeing in your country before f-i-n-a-l-l-y reaching you ... (hope it enjoyed itself, heh heh).

Kamoe said...

After you've sent the number to me I asked the main-parcel-center each day about and I think they thought the onliest way to stop me is to bring the package to me, hehe. Yep, I'm really happy that we come to an good end. The letter is full of sticker and marks and I'm not sure if it was a joyful sight-seeing, haha!